2018.05.29           Notice of Appearance/New CPT Attorneys'

2018.05.22           Notice for Hearing on TRO

2018.05.18           Plaintiffs Reply In Support of TRO

2018.05.17          CC Motion for TRO & Injunction

2018.05.15          CPT Town Hall Meeting Agenda

2018.05.15          CPT Brief in Opposition to TRO

2018.05.15          CPT Motion to Dismiss

2018. 05.12         CPT Email Beneficiary Update

2018.05.11          Plaintiffs Letter to Homeowners

2018.05.08          Plaintiffs Response to Kerrigan/CPT

2018.05.08          Plaintiffs Response to Chodzin/CC

2018.05.03          Chodzin /Clifton Club letter to Homeowners+

2018.05.01         Plaintiffs Motions for Fees from CPT

2018.05.01         Loje & Mansell Motion for Fees from CPT

2018.04.30         CPT Email/Legal Update

2018.04.30         Plaintiffs Letter to Homeowners
                                   2018.04.24  attached letter to CPT Counsel

2018.04.13         CPT April Minutes

2018.03.09        CPT March Minutes

2018.02.09         CPT February Minutes

2018.01.12         CPT January Minutes

2017.12.09         CPT December Retreat Minutes

2017.09.26         CPT Email/Frost

2017.09 11         CPT Email/Legal Update

2017.08.10         Appeals Court Reverses and Remands

2016.05.27         Appellates Reply Brief

2016.05.20         Clifton Club Response Brief to Butler

2016.05.10         Clifton Club Response Brief to Appellant's

2016.05.09         Trustees' Response Brief

2016.03.31         Butler Appeal Brief

2016.03.31        Appellant's Brief

1899                  Clifton Park Map

2015.11.10        Russo Final Judgement

2015.10.15       Plaintiffs Brief in Opposition

2015.09.01      Trustees Motion for Summary Judgement

2015.09.01      Motion to Leave to File Summary Judgement

2015.08.21      Plaintiffs Reply to CPT Reply

2015.07.23      CPT Reply on Motion for Attorney Fees

2015.06.25     Motion For Attorney Fees

CPLIC Parent Deed

2015.05.14     Reply of Plaintiff Motion to Compel

2015.04.30     CPT Response Motion to Compel

2015.04.28    Judgement Entry

2015.04.07    Judgement:  Plaintiffs Motion to Compel

2015.04.06    Plaintiffs Motion to Compel CPT

2015.03.25    CC Letter to Members

2015.03.23    Judgement on CPT Motion to Strike Rupert Letter

2015.03.23    Rupert Response to CPT Motion to Strike

2015.03.19   CC Letter to Update Members on Lawsuit

2015.03.17   CPT Motion to Strike Rupert Letter

2015.03.11   Plaintiffs Letter in Response to CPT Misinformation

2015.03.11    Rose (Plaintiffs) Letter to Reminger (CC)

2015.03.09  Rupert Letter to Court

2015.03.09  Rupert Attachment to Letter to Court

2015.03.03   Reminger (CC) Letter to Rose (Plaintiffs)

2015.03.03   Attachments to Reminger Letter

2015.03.02   CPT Letter in Response to Motion to Remove

2015.03.01   CPT Letter Insert in Assessment Mailing

2015.02.27   Plaintiffs Reply to CC Motion to Strike Exhibit 11

2015.02.26   CPT Response to Feser Letter

2015.02.25   CPT Blast and Mailing

2015.02.20   Feser Fundraising Letter

2015.01.14   Plaintiffs Exhibit 11,13,14,15

2014.12.29  CPT Response to Secondary's  Motion to Remove CPT

2014.12.24  Plaintiffs Exhibits Under Seal

2014.12.24a  Plaintiffs Reply to CC Motion to Strike Motion to Remove

2014.12.24b  Plaintiffs Reply to CPT Motion to Dismiss CPT Removal

2014.21.12  Secondary Support for Motion to Remove

2014.11.26  CPT Opposition to Remove Them

2014.11.24 CC Motion to Strike Motion to Remove CPT

2014.10.31a  Motion to Remove Trustees

2014.10.31b  Correspondence with Motion to Remove Trustees

2014.07.02     Plaintiffs Motion to Support Motion to Compel

2014.06.28:  Mansell & Loje Added as Plaintiffs

2014.06.17:  Support Motion to Compel

2014.01.17:  CC Motion to Pleadings

2014.01.17:  Judgment Entry

2014.01.06:  Plaintiff Opposition to Motion

2013.11.21:  CC Motion for Judgment

2013.06.30:  Dennis F. Butler' submission

2013.06.26:  CPT Mid-Year Report Letter

2013.06.10:  Joint Answer of CPT

2013.04.29: CPT Letter to Clifton Park, Lagoon Residents & CC members

2013.04.25:  Amended Complaint

2013.04.19:  Letter from Plaintiffs to CP

2013.03.25: CPT Harassment Incident Letter

2013.03.12:  CC Motion to dismiss denied

2013.01.15: Clifton Park Homeowners Amicus Brief

2012.10.17:  CPT Amicus Brief

2012.10.18   Trustees Letter to Residents, Club & Lagoons

Opposition of the Motion to Dismiss

2012.08.07:  CC Motion to Dismiss

2012.07.01 CC First Amended Answer

2012.06.28:  (#14 is located on the last page)  CC First Answer


2012.06.10:  CPT Answer to Plaintiffs


2012.06.07:  Plaintiffs Letter to CC

2012.06.06:  COMPLAINT FILED

2012.05.09:  Ulmer & Berne Memo

2012.04.25:  First Amended Complaint

2012.04.27:  Homeowners Request for Documents from CPT

2012.04.12:  Trustee Letter page one and page two

2012.04.09:  Trustee Letter page one and page two

2012.04.06: CC letter

2012.04.06:  Email from Arthur Dueck to CPT

2012.03.30:  CPT Legal Update Letter

2011.12.15:  Trustee letter page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

2011.01.22::  January CPT to CC Letter page 1 and CC Letter page 2.

2001.11.18    Trustee Letter to Clifton Park Residents

1915.07.02:  Wallace vs Clifton Land Co.

1912.07.01: CC DEED 374, CC DEED 375, CC DEED 376.



1902.07.01:  CLIFTON CLUB LEASE (As Retyped by Pyke)

Supplementary Documents

Sup. #1
Sup. #2
Sup. #3
Sup. #4
Sup. #6
Sup. #7
Sup. #9
Sup. #12

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